Time freezing

(CubeFan973) #1

Has anyone either seen the “Twilight Zone” episode “A Kind Of Stopwatch” or the recent movie “Clockstoppers?” In both of these, time stands still for certain people that use special kinds of watches.

I would love to make an animation involving this type of plot point. I know how to freeze time in Blender without actually making everything just stop immediately on one frame (time IPOs). I don’t know how to make it seem like it’s moving realistically before time freezes. I also don’t know how to do it on multiple things at one time. Does anyone know how to do this?

(DreamMaster) #2

I discovered a good trick…

You know that you have time ipo? You can use it to freeze everything at the same time… you can model everything normally then use time ipo to speed/slow/freeze it. You will have to copy and paste this time ipo to every object’s time ipo btw… (maybe not camera if you want it to remain in motion while everything else is froze).

Hope it’s helpful.

(CubeFan973) #3

Thanks! Although I did ask how you make it look like everything is normal in movement, I figured that out: If you need everything to move for 1000 frames then stop, do the Time IPO to 1000 frames and stop it right there.