time going slow at work so making a watch

(Bastiat) #1

I’m new at this, so I’m sure there are some fundamental things I’m doing wrong. but anyway heres the face of a watch i’ll mount on something. Low sample render as I am doing this on a potato.

Not really satisfied with the metal. Its the pbr metal group from the blenderguru video, but I guess my lighting (very basic at this point, just isnt working out so well. Also if I use filmic blender, the whole image just looks foggy. not sure why on that either, but like I said, i;m learning as I go.

(Lostscience) #2

This is going to be a real watch?it looks like a clock to me.
That is just my opinion.

(Bastiat) #3

going to be real? no unfortunately not. That was just the face I had worked up. Heres render 2