Time Ipo for actions

-.have one cube in frame one, and i insert a loc key.

-then in frame 10 i move the cube to the front and also to the side lets say 5 units front and 5 right

If i play the animation the cube goes from point a to point b in a linear way.

But if i edit the ipo to make it have slow down or speed up, then , as i will not do perfect each ipo speed up or slowdown my bube will not longer follow a straight curve but it will do a curve line in space to get to point b

This is why it would be usefull to be able to have a global speed ipo for actions.

Is there a way to do this ?

In the image below, the example at the top is a default ipo ( bezier ) so my cube goes from point a to point b in a straigh line as the bezier smoothness is done by blender in a proportional way.

But if i mannually speed up or slow down the ipo, its imposibleto make all of them (locx,locy,locz) in an exact shape. So the problem is, the cube no longer goes from point a to point b in a straight line, but in a curved line in space,



You can go into edit mode for more than one IPO curve at the same time. Select the locX and locY curves and move the keyframes for both IPO’s at the same time.

You could also slow down the action in the NLA editor.

even if i selct more than one ipo curve at the same time in edit mode and edit them all at once i get this undesirable effect.

And if i slow the action in the NLA, i just slow it down in a linear way not in an increasing curve.

Set the curves to linear. Then go to say frame 5 and move it backward or forwards in the direction you are wanting (for the time to slow or speed up) and key it. You will have more keys but will still have a linear movement. That’s all I can think of right now, as I don’t have Blender here at work. If I find another way I will post. Good luck.