Time ipo

When I try to do tutorials with the time ipo, something doesn’t add up. In the Blender 2.3 Guide, I want to make something speed up towards the end of the animation. When I choose the points and use the N-key to edit the placement I have (50,50) but on the axes it says (50,500) and the animation is way to fast, what am I doing wrong. Or when I have (50,5) in N-key and (50,50) on the axes, then the animation is working

Probably a bug with how the Nkey panel handles the time IPO. Trust this axis on this one.


It’s a nasty issue… a (wrong) design decision of long ago giving confusement yes.

When designing ipo window, I found out that having curves for rotations in degrees have (in Y direction) a much larger scale (0-360 typical) than other curves have (for size or location).
Seeing all curves in one diagram together then is nicer when you correct for that, so thats why rotation values in ipo curves are scaled by a factor 10 before actually used (applied).

You can see that when you make loc/rot/size curves, and check them individially. The Y axis resolution flips a factor 10 then.

Same goes for time curve, which maps frames to frames. Is nicer when it maps with a factor 10 to actual value.