Time lines in Sequencer problem. They move like at an independent timing.

I have one strip with the factor animated so that it fades out.

The thing is in the timeline the green vertical line behaves diferent in the ipo than in the sequencer.

Why is this ?

Watch the video.

I cant get them to be as they should , in sync, if i move one frame in the sequencer in the ipo should salso move one frame, right now it dont. I have to move 30 frames in the sequencer so that it moves one in the ipo window.


Plaese help !

in the sequencer ipo, the x is not frames, it is % of strip. so it only goes from 1 to 100. The value goes only from 0 to 1.0 vertically. hope this helps.

And, if you want the IPO to track frames, click the “IPO Frame locked” button on a strip. be be aware that if you later move the strip on the timeline, the IPO curve doesn’t move along with it.

please clarify: THe time IPO Xaxiis and Y axiis are frames, correct? But in the sequencer they are fraction of the selected strip?

The IPO x axis shows the animated portion keyframes only! i.e. if you have an animation with keyframes on frame 10, 45 and 90, that will be shown in the IPO as 0 to 100% on the x axis. The y axis will show the degree of the animation relative to what is animated. If your sequence is say 250 frames long, that is what you will see in the sequencer. The animation is therefore only 32% of your overall sequence. The green frame indicator should only move in the IPO when your sequencer is playing the animated portion of the sequence.

yes, but if you enable ipo frame locked like wilson said, then it is actual frames.

The theory behind this is that lots of strips are looooong and you would waste a lot of time scrolling/resizing the ipo window each time you did a different strip. this way, the ipo window can stay the same no matter which strip you are working on.