time Machine

(wood1960) #1

Project: time Machine
Company: wood1960
Software used: Blender_Cycles_PS
My Page: http://www.facebook.com/wood1960


(cart) #2

Nicely done. Small critique: The casing looks very much like it’s been heavily abused. The glass/plastic and lights are shiny new.
Shame for this work that is obviously made with a lot of care for detail.

(Love 3D) #3

Better bump ,(scratches like the one on the front edge are grat) Texture paint in blender is great.

(eppo) #4

Who the heck does holes in casings like that? On the line where box breaks apart? Hex(??) nut either too thin or gone too deep inside…The one where wire is attached…

Other than this - just a quick question: does this moves in 3d space too in addition to the time, wow? Niiice box :wink: !

@cart: They now do a pretty tough transparent plastics out there, hard to scratch, really. Cosmic technologies, you know ;).

(LetWritersWrite) #5

How about you make sense when you give a critique?

(LetWritersWrite) #6

Anyway, this is definitely really cool. It’s my inspiration for the day. I love retro feel. Beautiful colors, great composition, great texture. I’d stay away from the little stars that you composited on the lights. They look fake. Use a very dim fog effect instead, imo. Good job.


Well done, love the texture maybe the bump is overdone

(eppo) #8

My remark about making holes actually would make sense for those who would have had a chance to make a similar real casing, LetWritersWrite.

And besides little overdosed DOF to my taste i can’t find anything which i do not like.

(hug0) #9

Awesome !

(VirusZParadox) #10

@eppo It makes sense but the way you wrote the critique was very hard to understand. It took me a few minutes to work it out, but I’m going to try to explain you’re saying. It’s unrealistic that the wire enters the case on the line that separates the top half from the bottom half of the case, and you’re assuming that the metal hexagon the wire enters is supposed to be a nut, but if it were a nut, it should be much thicker than that.

(tmakeuning) #11

I love the concept

(ScottBronson) #12

:eyebrowlift2:Ya really well done man!

(eppo) #13

My message had enough smileys and such to not to be treated as a negative critique i guess. Maybe i was wrong - my apologies then to the Author of the image.

@VirusZParadox, yes, you seem to translate in a perfectly understandable manner abrupt phrasing i used for the first impression i’ve got.
To those who still do not get what the heck i meant about making holes in plastic cases for electronic DIY devices: there is no way one could either tighten that socket thing or close box when socket is tightened in one side of the box, believe me. After the first damaged box you either drill upper or lower side wall. Try DIY some time.

Cheers and Happy Holidays from not native English speaker to all!
Hope you find a lot of nice things in boxes you happen to open ;)!

P.S. Sorry for spamming, wood. Do like your project, anyways.