time node and defocus ?

Is there a workaround to animate defocus parameters ?

Select camera. Goto editing buttons. Hover mouse over the camera tab. I key>Focal Distance. Move to another point in time and repeat. If you want to animate F-stop or other factors on the node itself the answer is “negatory”. You might try rendering images of the depth buffer to use in it’s place in conjunction with the “No zbuffer” option. You could then animate their blur level, contrast level, etc… B4 inputting the result into the defocus node’s z-socket. Using the time node with a math node will give you a much wider range of possibilities than the time node alone. I’m not sure what the result of this kind of operation might look like because it doesn’t intrest me enough to try it…yet.

split using Z and animate blur node

there was a script that allowed you to use an object to control the focal point. alot easier that key framing. try doing a search of the python forum.

PapaSmurf, what do you mean by this? I’m trying the same thing right now, and this sounds interesting. Are you somehow referring to using ZCombine somehow for this?
Is there really no possible way of just using a time node on a mapValue node somehow? Goodness that would be so easy, but it obviously doesn’t seem possible.

I’m not quite sure if I correctly understand the question, but if you are looking for defocusing over time have a look at the attached screenshot, this is how I’m doing at on the project I’m just finishing right now. (Note the green time slider in the time node…) Hope that helps…