TIME of CHANGE (shortfilm)

I’m happy to present you guys my final short film “Time of Change”.
I enjoyed experimenting with many different techniques.
I mixed 2D and 3D animations and real video footage.
For the 3D scenes I used blender (cycles).
For texturing I used substance painter and for comositing after effects.
I enjoyed the process and I hope you enjoy the video.


ho that sounds intresting !!!nice work

Thank you a lot. yeah, it was intersting! In other projects, I’ve had so often much unnecessary work in 3D.
In this video I try to keep it efficient. So I created the scenes in 3d where it was the simplest way
and I think it works quit right.

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yeah, i think this is what it mean to be a pro artist,
to use the easy way to creat the most beautiful work ever !!!