Time off needed

I plan on having a personal vacation by the first quarter of the year. I am not a swimmer but enjoys the beach by just mere looking at it and of course,by sketching although I have a lot to improve. Is there anyone who recently went on vacation by the shore? I do not usually rely on review sites instead on recommendations. Thanks.

Costa Rica

Well, the first place I would go would be the amazon jungle, but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go there :stuck_out_tongue: Costa Rica does look nice!

Vacation was great! We went to Phuket, Thailand and stayed at Malisa Villa Suites. The hotel was great, the beach was great, the food was great except for one thing. A week after we got home I noticed that my hair was falling out and it’s kinda alarming. I’m sure that I’m not allergic to any food or something that might cause this but still I keep thinking that I got this from our trip. I’m getting impatient and I’m almost tempted to go to Bosley. This is freaking me out because I only see this scenario in a movie and it always end up worst!

Hi, Chalice Norton. Maybe the water at the beach might be contaminated by human waste or animals? So this might be detrimental to one’s health. If, I were on your place, I would probably feel the same and the first thing I will do is to consult a hair physician at once before my hair problems worsen. Yes, I think, you should consult Bosley, they could probably give you the best solution for your falling hair.

Hi Malandra Holt, I was actually hoping that Bosley would be my last resort and I can still have this fixed by just using natural products but if all else fails then I have no choice.

Cape Town, South Africa is very nice.