Time remapping still does not work with smoke sim?

I did try to remap my timescale to slow down smoke simulation and spreading but it failed.
Any ideas how can I fix it?

You could render it out as an image sequence then time remap the footage.

No I can’t it is senseless. I need high quality motion and footage but remapping footage works good if you make it faster only.
I need slow motion in my framerate.

you can try animating the time scale setting of the domain object, this way the simulation gets baked with the time influence in it

Thanx, I know I can slow down speed by changing scale of the domain but smoke is already baked (I spent 10 hours) and I’d like to animate it more slow with render timescale

short answer is you can’t. smoke isn’t calculated in a way that can be interpolated without further simulation calculation. basically its just a 3d grid of pixels (voxels) that get their values based on fluid dynamics calculations. to create in between states would be essentially identical to rendering the image and slowing it down with frame blending, which if you’ve ever tried frame blending, doesn’t tend to look very good.

i feel your pain because i have been doing a lot of smoke sim stuff for current projects, but in this case you have to either simulate it at the speed you want it, or slow it down using twixtor-type tools in post.

Ic, thank you.
It is possible for example with realflow and I think it is not so difficult to change code in blender.

haven’t used realflow myself, but one difference that comes to mind is that realflow, as far as i know, is particle based, so there are actual moving particles that can be tracked and interpolated between. the smoke system in blender by contrast doesn’t store the particles that make up a volume, but rather just the resulting density in a given region over time, which results in frame-blending type fading when interpolated, rather than actual movement.

if anyone else more familiar with smoke system wants to chime in though, i’m happy to be corrected!

Believe me it’s not hard to make script to interpolate particle coordinates between two targets by calculation process.

How did you get on with that script?