Time remapping using Time Node?

Hi Everyone

Does anyone know if it is possible to speed up a Render Layer / image input / movie clip using the Time Node? I have a complex comp on the go and need to punch up the speed of an image sequence the get better timing. Is this something that can be done?

Please don’t suggest speeding it up in the VSE as I know I can use that route but it means having to render out more data and saving it on my drive etc

Thanks in advance for any replies.


I doubt there is any solution to this that doesn’t require you to save data to your drive. If ur HDD is that full, you’re looking at a system crash any minute now anyway.

No it’s not anywhere near full, it’s a new system. I was just hoping there is a way, like in other compositors, of changing the speed of an element so that you don’t have to re-render it, I thought the Time Node might be a starting point.

Well in that case you use the graph editor or dope sheet whichever makes more sense to you. Just move the keyframes closer together to make the animations happen quicker. You’ll get it very quickly. It’s easy. The dope sheet is a bit easier to understand I think, but I didn’t even know it existed until a month ago. lol

Sorry man, There seems really no existing way other than that.
My last suggestion is to go to Blender Network and finding someone who can help. Good luck.

Blender is not temporaly aware, that is frames cannot correspond between each other. Implementing Optical flow might fix this problem. Did you know that the Image Sequence/movie input node has a frame offset that you can alter with a driver? Sadly you cannot skip frames using a scene input node.

Just re-read OP. If you place a scene strip in the VSE then add a speed effect, you will only render the frames that are called by the VSE. So you should not write additional data.

However the VSE’s speed effect is very coarse, it will drop frames to arrive at a better interpolation (removing frames for the speed up). At least that is the case for external media, maybe it is smart enough to ramp animation at the scene frame call? Of course this wouldn’t hold for baked sims, as they are at a set rate.

I guess I’ll have to use the VSE this, I’ve used it to do slow motion many times, it’s pretty simple, I’ll just adjust the element that way and save out a copy.