Time Stretching Question

I have received delivery of some paid for characters & their animations in Collada format (the format I asked for) and, after some tweaking parameters and workflow on the export side, I now have the animations importing into Blender.

The problem being that the application in which the animations were created (Poser) is supposedly exporting 25 frames and it is being imported as 20 frames. This is not unusual (I have had this PAL/NTSC type timing issue before); but I cannot find a way in which to stretch the timeline of the imported animation in Blender back out to to the full time the animation is meant to be.

I was hoping there was a simple operation I could do once I selected the keyframes in the animation view in Blender 2.5 that allows me to multiply the keyframes out by the necessary factor so I can use the animations at their intended frames per second.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Can’t you just select the keyframes and scale them in the X direction?

In Blender 2.5, you can:

  1. hit shift+f12 to get to the dope sheet.
  2. hit the A key to select all
  3. place your cursor at frame 1
  4. to scale from 20 frames to 25 frames you need to scale 1.25 in the x direction
    (1.25 is equal to 25 divided by 20.)
    So hit the S key, followed by 1.25.

Hope this helps you.

It does help - fixed things up just fine :slight_smile:

Thanks alot guys