Time to criticize my art!

Hello there!

It is time to share some art i have done with Blender. But first i need help.

I started with blender about a half year ago. Now i think im at a level to create interesting art. But its not perfect! Not now. I still need to learn more and i hope you can help me!

What dose the Art tell you? What mode dose it give you? Is it semi-realistic? What is good and what not?

In this Art Humans found an Artifact in a cave somewhere in the Solar system.

I hope you like it all. Maybe ill add some of my creation later to criticize.


The picture reminds me of something out of a science news magazine. Maybe the explorers would document their journey and send news to earth, or this could a be a rendering for what “the future would be like”.
There is something odd about the glowing stars on the ground that make them look like they are patterns on the rock itself, not ligh/shadows from the ball. I like the blurry rocks in the foreground.
If you want to instill a strong sense of discovery, you could consider using a different composition, maybe showing it from the point of view from the carts as they are approaching it. You could look up 2d composition theory on art websites for more info on how composition can tell stories. Like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms7dAawueS8&feature=youtu.be

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It’s really cool! I think the overall compassion is really what’s holding this piece back. Maybe take a look at some photography composition tutorials?

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the vehicles lack detail compared to the landscape. Also the terrain looks like it might be impassible to even a 6 wheeled vehicle.

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Thanks! Yea i have some Problems with composition. :frowning:

Hmm. Yea this is something what i didn’t consider.

Thanks! I’ll watch it for sure!

The biggest issue that I would have with images such as this one has to do with the tonal range, as clearly illustrated by the “histogram” tool.

As the photographer Ansel Adams described long ago in his “Zone System,” every image needs to have a base-exposure (“Zone 5”) with lightness-and-darkness relative to that, in what is actually a very compressed range. There should be little-or-no “opaque black” or “blown-out white.”

I can barely-see “in the darkness” that the terrain modeling here is pretty good, and the sphere is good and has interesting lighting … but, most of the frame is darkness.

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So it basically means that the Black foreground is too dark. It is funny that I have learned it last Week ago. :rofl: It is true that black is never real black as well white!