time to keep you up to date with my excellent blendering!!!!

(muteinvert) #1

i made a perfect RIGID BODY SCRIPT! It calculates rigid body! Why it’s called rigid body i have no damn idea.
anyways heres the code(simplified for all you simple hobos out there):

import Blender

then select an object, click on scripot buttons, and click new, frame changed, and enter the name of this script(it is recomended that you name the script “Really usefull rigid body script by MUTE INVERT, NO BY ANYONE ELSE, OKAY?”, but if that doesnt fit call it SpinScriptByMTI)

now if ANY of you morons out there would actually VISIT my evil incorporated website (http://www24.brinkster.com/theevilinc/), you would know that it is getting a new design. The menubar, seen here, is made in blender. Yes that is right. That excellent looking chrome was made IN blender BY ME, MUTE INVERT, and not by some blockheaded bracegirdle from hardbuckle(i just had to say that). Fell free and OBLIGATED to congratulate me for making such excellent chrome. Looks GREAT and PERFECT on any iregurally shaped object.

(0ptikz) #2

Shame the link don’t work :o

(dreamsgate) #3

okay, I didn’t see any chrome, where did you put it?

(valarking) #4

that would be cooler if you didn’t have that egotistical stuck up tightass masta-wanna-be attitude.
ego, man. you got TOO much.
either that, or you’re a jackass

(muteinvert) #5

to valarking:

whats with the faggot version of me attitude, eh? you dont <beeping> get it there can be only one of me per country, and the me in america is eminem. and man your disses suck, even chang chang could burn you. im already the masta you faggots wont admit it, im way <beeping> better than all of you.

to the non-assholes that replied:

this is the link: http://www24.brinkster.com/theevilinc/test%20page.htm

(Nayman) #6

Hey man, why do we all need to be so hostile?

I think we all jsut need to chill out.

I dont get it.

([email protected]) #7

I`m with you on this one, Nayman :frowning:

it`s a shame that we have to have threads like these posted here

i can`t see where these threads are constructive to blender
in anyway, shape or form.


(acasto) #8

Any predictions of time it takes for:

1.) Flame-War to break out
2.) Thread edited
3.) Thread locked
4.) Thread deleted
5.) The SuperModerators (aka: forum nazis (j/k ;))) to hunt down and kill people

(acasto) #9

Hey… I just forgot I had some up in the cabinet! Me thanx your sig for reminding me :wink:

(theeth) #10

2.) right now

3.) soon

4.) naah, better keep it as a warning

5.) only at night during the full moon :stuck_out_tongue:


(theeth) #11


me neither :-?


I can’t either, because there’s no way that they are.

muteinvert: consider that your final warning. Next time, leave your wanabe attitude before comming in here, or just don’t come.

PS: gheez, that was worse than The Ozbournes :stuck_out_tongue: