Time to Make the Donuts

My entry and winner of this week’s challenge in the Facebook group Weekly CG Challenge.

The challenge was “shading” with the keyword “delicious.”

Made with Blender 2.74 in Cycles. 1600 samples, plus extra background passes for noise reduction. A little touch-up in Photoshop CC. The only image texture is the cutting board, the rest are procedural.

Nice, like the composition of ovals with the metal grid. Only, notice the chocolate in the spoon has lost its color and looks almost like tar. An easy fix, but deserving of the win after comparing with the other entries.

sings song Yeah, you really got me noww, you got me so I dun know what I’m doing. xD One suggestion though, it looks like the chocolate hasn’t been subdivided enough which is resulting in a black outline of the material because it’s smoothed. Nice work though.

Nice pastries. Nice sprinkles :smiley:

TianWei - Great song and good observation. I used sculpting with dyntopo to shape the chocolate, but I probably should have just used the multires modifier instead so I could keep subdividing. I’ll remember it for next time!

Payntr - The chocolate on the spoon is actually the same material as the chocolate on the doughnut, just with a stronger procedural bump. I see what you mean though, it could maybe use a saturation boost.

TwoDeer - Thanks, I hope I made you hungry! :slight_smile:

The issue with the chocolate is already marked, apart of that: mouth-watering ^^