Time to move all the answers in the 'got a question' thread to something organized?

Because initially I did see the usefulness of such a thread, and it did work, for a while.

The problem is now it has so many posts and so many answers that it’s quite tricky to rummage through it to find the answer you need, and above all that it’s completely unorganized, everything is bunched into one thread, you don’t know where you look to find your answer.

So I would ask, is it time that someone sifted through that thread for answers still relevant to Blender 2.5 (and 2.49 since some are still using it), and copied them over to an online wiki where they can arranged into a multitude of categories and perhaps even separated according to the version they are relevant to and whether they use advanced python techniques.

So considering the sheer length of the sticky thread and its lack of organization, do you think this is a good idea for someone to do?

Yeah, I think it’s a good idea - it’s long, and in need of a cut.

Sounds like a good idea. The topics should definitely be tagged into 2.4/2.5 categories.
Is there any particular wiki in mind?

I was thinking someone put together a new wiki either on a new site or an existing site.

There’s always the Blender.org wiki, but it depends on if they would allow a massive Q&A section to help BGE users based on the questions thread even though they have put together a new server just for that area.

A new wiki might be nicer than using Blender.org’s wiki, in my opinion.
Their style and structure of it is a bit hard to navigate through and somewhat unattractive.

You could impove the Game Engine FAQ section.
The problem with a new Wiki is… it is another one. There are some Wikies out there. But not that much maintained.

I do not like the style of the wiki.blender.org that much either. The dark background and the small font makes it hard to read. This is very good to see at the current 2.5 API docs. But it keeps the topics at a centralized placed. As newbie I would expects the docs there.

The page structure is up to the author. Yes not that easy to understand (I still do not fully get how it is meant to be). If you need help, let me know. I worked with the game engine resourcessection. But this is not the place for FAQ.

A good start might be :

The good thing is… more than one can update the pages. :slight_smile:
The bad thing is … mostlikely you will be the only one. :frowning: