Time to say goodbye "TO THE PAST" competition - WIP new user

Hello dear Blender users :slight_smile:
Im new to this community , and to Blender as a program too , because im transitioning from Maya , and this is my first attempt at doing whole project in Blender…
The title of my image is “Time to say goodbye to the past” :

The main idea is that this a road , representing the whole life of a person , and as he goes down the road , he leaves behind objects of his past…
All critiques all welcome … also i need a little help on the grass … how to do it not to go past the stones on the sides of the road ? These are children strands , that go past the stones , and i don`t know how to remove them ?
Also that is not the finished image , just to show the grass problem :slight_smile:

hmm 90 views - 0 comments … - not the best way to welcome new members of the community… no offence :slight_smile:

To get some good grass, check out the tutorials on the Blending Nature thread. Start at the end and work forward in that thread cause it’s long and towards the back. Also I can’t tell, are the children set to interpolated?

thank you for the advice … and no my children are simple not interpolated…

Dont be affended that pretty typical…I for example did take a look at your render but just didnt have the time to critique:( After looking at it closer I have a few quick comments.

First of all it a good start…I like the concept…first to clarify this is Blender internal renderer not cycles?

I have had the same issues with grass and All I can tell you is just keep working it. I would suggest reducing the number if children and increasing the parent particles and then reducing the amount displayed to like 20% then when you work in model space its not so heavy but will render all the particles. The reason for this is that children dispers around the parent and you have less control.

Now your textures need some work…try to find good reference images…like the basket ball its a bit too shinny and the papers should be less perfectly flat

The wood blocks and train should also be textured at least with a normal/bump map indicating wood grain.

Is the bike modeled or a flat plane with a transparent PNG image? If its modeled great job if not its a good illusion:)

The stones on the sides are ok but I think your more likely to see concrete curb which is a smoother transition from the asphalt not so square. Check some reference images. You could stick with the stones if you want but the material has too much spec and needs more normal bump texture.

The pavement is probably the best texture…you did good there.

My biggest issue is the road just ending kinda abruptly as well as the grass. A trick I have learned is to put a little curve (downward)on the end of the surface so the grass and pavement would follow and better hide the transition to sky, almost like a bit of a hill.

Finally ad some serious glow from the sky like he is walking into heaven. The glow should overlap the pavement and grass to also better blend the ground to sky. And a little DOF would do wonders for this scene…it also helps blend and hide imperfections such as the old man:)

Hope this helps sorry if it long
Good Luck and Happy Blending:)

Using the forum built-in attachment manager for images instead of using pop-up advertisement-ridden Imageshack (which defaults to a very small picture among other things) would help gathering comments, in my opinion.

Thank you Derek for your detailed comments … Ill try to clarify some of the things you mentioned : 1.Yes it is Blender internal. 2.The textures are not finished yet , and you can see that on the wood blocks.I posted the image just to show the overall composition and for the grass problem also :) 2.The bike is modeled by me so thank you ! 3.I also didnt like the stones , i was wondering how to improve them , so thank you again :slight_smile:
4.The road is ending like that , because how i mantioned , the image is not finished yet , the lightning is not done … also there is not any post-prod. in the composite , and i just hope i`ll manage to finish it in time :slight_smile:

And Thank you s12a ! I didn`t know there is such a nice feature in this forum, i fixed my mistake now :slight_smile: