Time To Smile

What do you think…?:confused:

Looks good for a 30 minute sketch. The anatomy and perspective are a bit distorted, but I think it fits together pretty well.

Looking forward to more sketches.


thanks, yeah I was going for a lanky-ish zombie… thing. lol

The hair is quite nice . . . I see that the hand holding the light isn’t quite visible. Overall really well done - the dark textures are a great effect.

Funddevi! You’re back!

On topic, it looks very nice, although I think the mask (and that creepy eye, that looks straight at you) are probably the best looking parts of it. The rest looks a bit cartoony, non-proportional, and stylized. Not that stylized, is bad, but the mask looks too realistic for the rest. Hair is nice. Light is pretty.

Kudos! Have a cookie!


You guys are strange, I think it looks awesome! The mask totally fits to the rest of the body and for a 30 min sketch that’s even more awesome! One of the best sketches I have seen in this section of the forum.

Creepy. I like it.