Time to stop procrastinating.

Ok, I have put it off long enough. I need to learn how to model characters. I want to learn how to make a decent human. I am not that good at modeling organic objects but I need to learn. Where do I start? Where can I find some good tuts?

Thanks for the help,


Here’s a link for blender specific tutorials:

Here are a few other usefull links (not specifically for Blender):

Good luck!

Check out the link on my signature, there’s my head modeling tutorial.

Here here here!

It’s a flash tutrorial, from cube to sneezing guy… everything!

I mean everything, weight painting, RVK’s, armatures.

I’d say it is about 2.5 hours long in total… but it is a fantastic, fantastic tutorial.


Here is my current project… keep in mind I have NEVER done a head in 3d before, and NEVER taken any art classes… not bad I say.

Thanks for the links guys. I will check them out. Hopefully I can get the hang of it soon.

That first link just takes me to a index of files. Do I just click on the first link and go from there? I think this tut will be a little hard to do on a 56k modem.

The Blenderhead tutorials are the flash tutroials you will want to see.

Save one to a file on your desktop, then start saving the second one, and watch the first one. Once you are finished watching the first, the second one should be closer to done. They are well worth the download.

I personally watched them all twice before I started.