Time Tracker addon

updated for 2.80

get it here: https://github.com/uhlik/bpy

Here is simple time tracker inside blender. After you install and enable it, it will log loaded and saved files and time spent of file until it is saved. All ui is inside addon preferences (see screenshot).

Here you can enable / disable logging, clear data collected so far, set custom data path (.csv) and see short summary of collected data and open individual project directories in file browser. The project name is determined by directory name where the blend is. For example if you have project in directory named “MyNewOutstandingProject” and all blends are inside subdirectory “models”, set level number to 1 and you will see project name in results. 0 is directory directly above blend, 1 is one directory above blend, and so on. If you are like me and all your projects have the same subdirectory structure, sent directory level and you are good to go.

change log:
0.2.0 updated for 2.80
0.1.0 added simple ui
0.0.8 ui tweaks, more advanced options, minor bugfixes
0.0.7 fixed performance and sorting, added tracking of files which were closed without saving once a minute (can be enabled in preferences: check Track Scene Update)
0.0.6 first release



Perfect addon, thanks!

Blender 2.71, win7 x64 -> all ok

wow nice specially for commercial work for clients that pay per hour

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yes, that’s why i made this :slight_smile:


new version, see the first post

really useful script, I was looking for something like this! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

thanks :slight_smile:
and meanwhile, updated to 0.0.8, see change log in first post

and please tell me everyone on which system it works, so i can remove warning notice…

edit: primarily showing project directory, this is the main thing which might not work

macintosh os lion 10.7.5 works.

Wow! Wish I had seen this a week ago. I spent the last week teaching myself python just to add a time tracker button. One thing I want on mine is a pause button right in the UI for when I step away from the project or take a phone call. If you add a few features I could use your addon more than any other!

Nice addon, works on Linux as well :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

hello, thanks for suggestion. i’ve just added big on/off toggle to view3d > properties, get new version in the first post… what other new features are on your mind?

This is almost exactly what I was looking for. One feature that would be great to have is an automatic activity tracking (because clicking that button is sooooo inconvenient ;)). E.g. by checking every minute (or any other adjustable time period) whether there were user inputs and if not, automatically disable the tracking.
Another feature that would be nice is a (total) render time tracking to see how much time you spent on rendering vs. editing.

However, nice addon. :slight_smile:

Addon is not working on Blender 2.77. Can you fix?

you mean “ERROR: See Console” message? i forgot to specify utf8 encoding, fixed now. please try it. if it still not working, please provide more info. thanks

Oh Yes, i have forgotten. I hope this helps. The utf-8 encoding is saved, but the addon is not working. Thank you:)


how you installed the addon? this is very strange error. maybe deactivate addon, save prefs, quit blender, delete addon file (system_time_tracker.py), copy paste again new one, start blender and activate… do not remove csv file (system_time_tracker.csv), or you lose tracking data

I have the code saved into a textfile with UTF 8. Then i have renamed the Extention into “.py” and installed regular.

erm, go here https://raw.githubusercontent.com/uhlik/bpy/master/system_time_tracker.py and save right from your browser

This works, thank you :o I have no idea why. The Code is the same.