Time Travel

Sitting in Physics today, staring at the wall, I was thinking about Position/Time graphs and time travel. And I came up with this (d with the jigger is position):


http://jeeves.t35.com/graph.jpg (You might have to copy and paste.)

If it were actually possible to go back in time, would you then create a clone of yourself (shown in RED)? And at the time you go back in time, would you create multiple clones of yourself (shown in CYAN)? And as time went on, would the graph continue as a thick line until the end of time, show in this graph:


http://jeeves.t35.com/graph2.jpg (C & P)

as shown in black with a GREEN star?

(If you can’t see the links, I’m an idiot.)

First, going back in time would need to be theoretically possible. Going to the future already is, because it’s been done and that sort of paradox doesn’t occur.

You can still get the answers you’re looking for (sort of, they’re theories) with a google and some digging though.

And I wonder if you’ve seen this before, heh: http://www.johntitor.com/

Okay here is my explanation. I graphed your knowledge with respect to what goes over my head. Now the amount of things that go over my head increases exponentially with your knowledge. Now if you view the red line, that is the point at which things go over my head. (about the equivalent of that of a elementary school child). If you take a look at the green dot. that is approximatley where your time-space theory lies. If you draw a secant line between the two(purple). You can find the average rate at which your theory passed my ability to understand things. Anyway, if there are any questions about my graph, let me know i will be glad to answer them.

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Just like on Austin Powers 2, when he goes back in time 10 minutes and meets himself.

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not sure if I follow you?

IF you mean travel back then create a clone of your old self… no, because the clone will kill the original and take his position in life… creating the mother of all paradoxes…

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Alright, that’s what I thought…


Going to the future already is, because it’s been done and that sort of paradox doesn’t occur.

As in the normal every day advance in time or as in a leap?

Also, can anyone offer concrete proof that time is an “object” or “substance” (for lack of better words) that can be manipulated and not merely a static marker for events?

Yet more Time Travel nonsense:

If you were to take a leap forward in time, would there be a point where you would just suddenly disappear, then reappear suddenly a while after that?

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I’m sorry, but time travel is not possible.

first of all, it relies on the theory of relativity, which is still a theory. second, wormholes? we dont know a thing about them at all. Actually, we are trying to create wormholes using lasers set in a spiral array, but I dont even think that that will work. Also, time is a definition. It is not a thing that you can warp or affect in any way.

Now, assuming time travel was possible, I’d like to illustrate my point, with yet another graph (I like graphs…)…

http://jeeves.t35.com/graph3.jpg (Copy and/or paste)

…After these graphs, I may just have to go back to my theory on the speed of light…

P.S. That thing that looks like a person dancing on an S is a t…

On the Y axis you have speed, and on the X axis you have Disco Dancing… :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, yeah, v is speed, and the d with the deely above it is position… Lemme fix…

First of all, I have pondered this for a while.

Now as for some of the things I have read here:

Time is not physical and is only a definition.
This in my opinion is wrong. Time has to be a physical object. Saying that it is only a definition can’t be true, as a definition is only our perception of what something is, and perceptions can be wrong.

But perhaps time is only a definition. Well, definitions have parts. You can manipulate these parts. Which would place times definition as an object, which can be manipulated. So, if we manipulate times definition, then perhaps we can manipulate time itself.

Wormholes are needed for time travel

Quite a few people seem to believe this. I don’t. If wormholes are required for time travel, then why can’t we find them. Do they exist naturally in nature, or do they have to be found?

My theory
Well, over the past few days, and reading some articles on dimensions, and expanding on some of my previous theories, I have come up with a new one. As it begins, there are multiple (as in Googals and up) of separate timelines. It is physically impossible to travel to the same timeline, and if it was ever accomplished the whole timeline would be destroyed (basically a paradox creates destruction). It is possible to travel to separate timelines, and it would be possible to influence events in them without changing events in your base timeline. You could also avoid the paradox of existing at the same time in two different places, since it isn’t really you who exists in that timeline, if you exist at all. All these timelines are bundled together like a cord. These are encased in time itself. Time is a gigantic circular tube. All of these timelines exist in it. Time itself does not move. The timelines rotate to different points in time itself, creating the illusion of time passing, when in fact time is not passing, but time is only creating gravitational distortions on the timeline itself, which the produces the phenomenon of time passing. Time is encased in the mysterious and unknown “Dark Energy” as I believe I once read it called that. It is a mysterious and most powerful force in any place that ever existed. This dark energy never ends, it extends forever, and has the ability to rip apart time itself. So now we have arrived at how you travel in time. You manipulate the “dark energy” so that a tube for safe passage exists (possibly the function of a wormhole). This then opens a separate point in another timeline, which creates a place to enter that timeline. This means that a dimension strong enough to withstand “dark energy” is needed, which is why time itslef conforms to the shape of the small timelines. The pressure is so great it distorts time itself. So with all of that said, time travel is not impossible only improbable for quite a few years to come.

Now who is the crackpot? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Time travel is one of the most logically strenuous concepts. I personally believe that it is very interesting, but totally make-believe. Here’s an example of how I think it’s impossible:

Let’s say you put a glass of water on a table and waited 15 minutes. Then you jumped into a time machine and traveled back in time 15 minutes. When you step out of the machine, you would see a copy of yourself put a glass of water on the table, wait 15 minutes, then jump into a time machine. When that copy of yourself came out of the machine, he would see 2 copies of himself: one putting the glass of water on the table, and the other watching him put a glass of water on the table. This would continue on infinitely, and would basically ruin the entire continuum of things.

Time to think about other stuff.