Time Traveler

rendered with blender internal post pro in after effects


dannybear, that is really good work. I look forward to your future work.

I thought I was looking into a mirror

lol, but maybe i’m ignorant, I don’t really see how it’s a “timetraveler.”

good work anyways!

Haha, excellent work!
Clever idea, and great execution.
Love the facial expression, and the lighting is fantastic.
The skin texture is perhaps the only part of this that could see improvement: darker under the eyes, redder lips, darker areas under facial hair? It seems like the facial hair isn’t casting shadows onto the skin underneath, which makes it look a little off. Regardless, this image made me smile.


Who says time travelers have to be from the future? :wink:


…smile,I guess!!!..was all I could do to keep from laughin"…I know I’ve crossed paths with him…or his brother…

Excellent work all round, great job on the hair and skin.

Looks like “Fat Bastard” was your inspiration.

Image appears to be broken.

weird i dont know what happened but it´s fixed now

That’s so realistic that looking at it grosses me out! Great job!

Please try to avoid experiments with time machines. lol
Really convincing. Well done Dannybear.!!!

I am envious of your skills at producing humans with real character.