Time Warp

This is my first major game,

Any comments, or suggestions, would be helpful
I don’t have much of a story, but here it is:eyebrowlift:

The story is set slightly in the future, the world is in a nuclear war. You, a general (or some one important) is headed towards the fallout bunker, when the nukes detonate. The nuke destroys everything. but then everything goes in reverse and time stops the nuke from destroying the city. The general (or who ever) decides to investigate what just happened

The .blend is here under Games–http://www.freewebs.com/cgfiles/
controls are
w - forward
s - back
d,s - strafing
left click - shoots
mouse looks
1-3 numbers change guns

The controls don’t work.

i think it would be better like this.

The time reverses and then plays, you have to stop the nuke…

I like that idea:p

i was thinking it would be so cool to have the nuke frozen in time. Maybe at the end? when you stop the nuke?

if the controls dont work, make sure the 3rd layer is pressed.
the guns are on the 2nd and the main world is in the 8th i think:eyebrowlift: