Timelapse: modeling a creature's head

Hello everyone, I just finished recording a new timelapse, this time of modeling a creature head from a concept. Original modeling time was right at one hour then it’s been sped up 6x for a final time of ten minutes. Enjoy!

Great stuff.
I dunno why I like to look at timelapse… Modeling seem… easier.

awsome thanks for the vid

Great model, as always:). What dus it look like subserfed and rendered?

I never actually got around to that stage, I might have to though :slight_smile:

Excellent modelling. I’m very jealous. :smiley:

I had a bit of fun with this one, adding some more detail and rendering it out.


This video is great! I’ve linked it in my blog…hope it’s not a problem!

Not a problem at all, I appreciate it!

Thanks! I’ll wait for other timelapse videos!!!

great stuff. It is hard to believe you did that in an hour. You make it look so easy. I mainly use box modeling but you make point to point look more appealing. Is there any simpler things to model that are good for getting used to point to point? What did you start out modeling when you were learning?

This last few minutes of that are pure vertigo. I can only imagine what it’d be like if we really could work that fast.:eek:

I started out modeling anything from space ships to character heads to weapons. I think one of the best things to start out with when trying to get a handle on poly-by-poly modeling a very simple face. A perfect example is the one in TorQ’s “A better face tutorial”, where there’s very little detail to worry about but the basic form is there.
Not only does it teach you poly-by-poly but it also helps you get a handle on edgeloops, which are ESSENTIAL with poly-by-poly modeling if you want a clean and usable mesh.

Thanks. I’ll have to try that out when I get the time. With school and working full time time is limited so it will probably have to wait unfortunately. Your time lapses are pretty cool and inspiring. I’m sure you could probably put out a dvd when a couple on it and and go through parts of one of them in real time to describe the different tools you use and you methods. And maybe including a couple blend files to examine. You seem to like to do creatures so they could all be creatures and you could call it something like “Creature Feature.” I’m sure plenty of people would be interested in those. Detailed tutorials are good but it is also helpful to just see someone modeling to see how they approach a problem.