Timelapse: Modeling a random head; another timelapse first post

Hello Everyone!

Just thought I’d post this here. It’s just a short timelapse video I did of myself modeling a random head. No references were used, I just sat down and started modeling. The video is about 9:45, 16 megs, and 3x the original speed.



Timelapse #2:

Thanks alot mr bomb. Always love your tuts. Downloading now!

Just watched it. nicely done!

Okay, my mind has just been blown. Needs music, though; or maybe a recording of you just talking really fast.

Man, if I ever did a time lapse of myself modeling, it would still be like 11 hours long…

Wow, this is really nice.

This is quite an interesting technique - way different from my usual workflow where I start by roughing in the shape, and then refine topology and add details. You start with the details.


mmm… goodie…!

Very cool! Thanks for the video man. From your site, it seems that you make your living off of 3d? Or do you do other stuff on the side? Just curious.

I wouldn’t say that I make my living off of 3d, I’m not quite to that point in my life. But most my entire income is from 3d, yes.

Thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile:

Great video! And its good to hear that you are working and are almost finished on a new blender tutorial, modeling a full female body (I think its what it was).
Maybe in the future you could make one on how to model organic/mechanic model from a limited number of images and still get as close to the actual thing as possible. I think that would be a great tutorial. Plus it could bring up a number of new techniques.

great tut, are you going to make an animation tutorial or so?

Thanks man, glad you liked the video :slight_smile: And yes, my full body dvd is getting closer to completion, it should be out by the second week of August.
Doing a dvd/video tutorial on making a character from a single reference is also on my list of things so stay tuned :slight_smile:

[quote=relledom]great tut, are you going to make an animation tutorial or so?
Well I like the idea, but my animation skills leave something to be desiired…

You should show us a video how you model a body with al lthese fancy details.
Timelapse woudl be great!

Something like teaser for incomeing dvd :RocknRoll:

Great face. Your videos are very educational and I love them.
Can’t wait for the body dvd (yup :yes:)

Doing a dvd/video tutorial on making a character from a single reference is also on my list of things so stay tuned :slight_smile:

thats great news! there is almost no information on the net about things like that. But to make it even more interesting you should really mix organic and mechanical into one character/model, because there are different techniques for each.

As usual, your modeling style is a pleasure to look at.

I’ll be releasing a teaser for the dvd very soon (within the next couple days) so stay tuned :wink:

Mixing the two styles is not a bad idea at all. I’ll see what I can do about it :slight_smile:

Thanks man!

By teaser I meaned a full video :stuck_out_tongue:
You know, it would be like Adrianna/Ear/Eye videos for the Head DVD. :slight_smile:

That’s also an option. Just depends on whether I really want to sit down and model another whole body :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve added another timelapse to the first post. I just kind of let this one fly and whatever came out came out. I’m not quite sure what to think of it but maybe you all will enjoy watching it :slight_smile:

wow &_& , mr_bomb … those are an awesome tutorials and works that you have there
thanks too much for your support , and buy the way , i’m from (middle east ) / Jordan
what is the best and easiest way to buy your DVD ? , i’m far away from ya …

Thanks man. Assuming that there aren’t any restrictions on packages you can just order it through my website http://www.montagestudio.org