timelapse modeling video

hi! i had some fun totay and tried out camtasia. i recorded the modeling session for this week’s blender weekday challenge.

that is real cool. How long did it take in real time to do?

thanks! it took something in between 2 and 4 hours, i think.

cool. it would probably take me that long just to do one of the flowers. lol.

THAT WAS AWSOME… i cant wast that much time it will take me like 1 month i think.XD.
how did u learnt that much in 2 years?? or u was working on XSI or 3Ds Max??

2 years? actually i have been doing 3d for three and a half years now. but yes, since 2006 i am working with blender almost everyday. i had a look at max and maya, but naahh…:evilgrin: no way!