TIMELAPSE Tool [Addon]


I’ve always wanted an easy way to record timelapse footage of my projects, so in my free time this year I made TIMELAPSE Tool!

FEATURES: v1.0.0

  • Capture Screenshots: Record your entire project window at a fixed interval
  • Capture from Camera: Record from the perspective of the camera in the scene
  • Animate Cameras: Record from cameras with animation keyframes
  • Multi-Camera Capture: Record from the perspective of multiple cameras in the scene simultaneously
  • Lock Shading: Lock the viewport shading settings of the timelapse capture
  • Generate Video from Image Sequence: Automatically create a timelapse video using the recorded image sequence


  • Shading Presets: save and load shading lock settings (very useful for green-screen setups)
  • Per-Camera Settings: currently all cameras share the same settings. This will let you change resolution, aspect ratio, shading options, etc. on a per-camera basis
  • Camera Animation Helper Tools: TIMELAPSE Tool cameras are free to animate just like any other camera in Blender, but I’d like to streamline this process specifically for setting up timelapse cameras
  • Improved User Interface: As people use this tool and give feedback, the UI will be updated to support the workflows of active users.
  • General Optimizations: Lots of work behind the scenes to improve the performance of this tool. This will always be an active pursuit.


Store Pages: $15

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