Timeline and Playback Acting Strangely

(juanlink661) #1

Hi, I was doing some particle tests for a project I´m working on, after a while of testing different things, I noticed that when I pressed play, the animation I had on screen moved in slow motion, but the FPS on top stated it was 24fps, then when I click in any part of the timeline, the green cursor puts it self in a different place, even scrubbing while scrubbing different timelines, the same happens. I wouldnt like to remake the entire set up with the camera and the animation, and I don´t know if this is a bug, or I just messed up.
I´ve attached the Blend file, I´m using Blender 2.78c

Thanks in Advance

TImelineProblemv2.zip (5.41 MB)


(Richard Marklew) #2

You have set the animation to only run at 1/5th speed

What would take 100 frames now takes 500 frames

(juanlink661) #3

Omg, I didn’t even know that option existed haha, thank you very much kind sir.