Timeline colors

Is there a way to change the color of the key frames? For example, Red for key, Blue for breakdown, Orange for inbetween, etc.



you can change the diamond shaped key markers in the dopesheet by clicking the key menu and select breakdown, extreme, etc. option.


I know about the dopesheet options. I was thinking that changing the timeline colors would help for a little quicker navigation on a long animation. The dopesheet gets a little cluttered in the smaller windows.
Thanks for the response.


afaik there is no option to color the timeline markers.
that is why I do not use the timeline except for switching cams. Everything else I do with the dopesheet since you can hide stuff you don’t need so the clutter minimizes.


Thx serum. Ya, that’s what I figured. I’ll just keep using the dopesheet, no big deal. I was just thinking out loud anyhow. :>)