Timeline in Game Coding

Hey guys,

I have some simple questions to get out how Blender3D works.

So I want to make a game where some stuff happens in times. Like first off a simple question on how to make a logo fades in and out first, then after that the game begins. That is introducing my other question. To avoid making a HUGE game in one level, how can I make so that the game continues on another level if the player access a certain point?

The most primary question is, how does that timeline work of when certain stuff like that should happen? Where do I control it?


Usually when you change Levels you change the scene. Another option is to load a new blend file.
Note: As long the new scene loads the GameEngine freezes.
(Dynamically loading objects and scenes will be added soon.)

Logo fadin/out could be done with an IPO actuator. The IPO can change the alpha channel of the material.

If you want to synchronize activities you can trigger the follow-up activity when the previuos one finished. (e.g playing of an IPO ends -> switch to a new scene)

I hope it helps

you’ll learn that there’s different ways to achieve the same result in the GE!
Here’s a way to “fade” a logo, there’s others, maybe better/faster:
place the logo object and the camera and add a light
then just “animate” the Lamp energy with IPO keys ( logo object must have “light” for faces, enabled)
Then you can switch to another scene!
It’s a way to avoid HUGE games in a single scene (use the Set Scene Actuator)
One way to have a “timeline” is to add a Timer Property to an “Empty” for example!
Then when that property reaches some point in time it’ll trigger some event, ex:
Property Actuator - property : time - Interval Min:10 Max: 11 - AND - Link to another object with some action Actuator.