Timeline keyframes - half line

Hey all, new here and a bit noobish on blender in general. I was trying to do the simplest animation, besides rigging, which I haven’t got down yet, or the key frames that don’t stay for some reason I haven’t figured out yet… I noticed the keyframes on my Blender 2.75 are half yellow lines from the bottom, halfway to the top. Now I’d never seen this before and didn’t read anything about an interface change. That makes me wonder if it’s messed up or I did something to cause this. I’ll add a picture for you to see… Anyone know anything about this?

Thanks a bunch and happy to be on the forums.

no I think it’s normal, it does that to me too…

That’s good to hear… I know it didn’t use to be this way, not sure what version but the line use to go all the way to the top… Maybe it was in the notes on some version and I missed it.

The 60% keyframe marker height was introduced in blender 2.74

More confirmation. Now it’s a lock. I’m pretty sure I skipped 2.74, that’s why I didn’t know. Thank a bunch guys.