Timeline scrub shortcut - possible in blender 2.5?

Hi all
Quick question: Is it possible, in blender 2.5, to scrub the timeline using a shortcut key?

For those familiar with Maya, i’m talking about pressing K and left click dragging the mouse either left or right anywhere on the screen. The faster you move the mouse, the faster the timeline scrubs.

The idea being, you dont have to keep moving your mouse down to the timeline (or even have it visible) to scrub through the animation.

You can do something similar to this by pressing Alt and moving the mousewheel.

Thank you sergof.
I have a wacom tablet, so no mouse wheel for me. Still, it’s great to know the shortcut exists… hopefully it’s modifiable.

Every extra minute i spend with blender, the more i love it.

Search for frame offset in the keymap editor and you can change it to whatever you want.

In 2.4 you can use Arrow keys (and Shft-Numpad-Arrow), don’t see why they wouldn’t be in 2.5.


It would be nice to map it so that it works similarly to the way maya implements it.

I’ve gone in to the keymap editor, but can’t figure out how to map the mouse’s movement in x or Y to drive it when alt is pressed.

It’s nice to see that you can change the alpha which is handy. But it would be better to drive it with the mouse position.

I guess in the end the simplest thing for me to do - was to simply create a new layout - with a 3D view at the top and a timeline window at the bottom

crtl-right-left arrow back and forth

works well