Timeline shortcut to move every X frames?

Hi. I remembered I could jump in the timeline using my fps as increments. Is this still possible? If so, how?

Thank you

Hi, You can go to timeline> view and select> show seconds. is this what you meant?

eh, no, I mean a shortcut to move every 25 fps. For example, it used to be a shortcut to move incrementally in the timeline, if I am not mistaken.

I can’t understand the question exactly, but you can set up the play from that menu.

mmm, not asking how to use play on the timeline.

Basically go to frame 0 and jump to 25 frame with a shortcut.

Do you mean this? Change Delta values to your liking.

Preferences > Keymap > Frames > Frame Offset
Default left/right arrows or ALT Wheel up/down