Timeout... Forum... is it just me?

Couldn’t find a better place to put this but it seems like I have to “re-login”, even when posting messages if I take too long or open other windows to view forum entries.

I understand about the security precautions but it seems to be a bit too sensitive.

you sure you’ve got browser cookies enabled?
perhaps if you wist to keep 'em blocked you could just add an exception for blednerartists.org?

Come on, not even the “Website & Forum” forum used for ‘Questions & Answers about this Website & Forum’

Well, I’m using Firefox 3.6.12 - I was looking for cookie handling like I need to do for IE but nothing obvious. Funny, I had to “log-in again” to post this reply :slight_smile:

---- yep - dummy user missed under support list… oops. sorry.

I owe 2 blender credits to community 8)

Humbly request moderator to move…

When you log in do you check the “Remember me” or “stay logged in” box?

No, but I am having an issue with the network timing out on this website. I will try to get on and it takes a long time, but only with this site, on more than one computers and on more than one network.