Timer blend

The objects i add normally move slowly on purpose and they are random. What i want is to add several objects then i want the objects it to track an empty or invisible object at a higher speed but only for a few seconds this way there won’t be a pile up of objects at the entry point. Never used timer in game engine Take a look at the uncompleted blend finish the hookup so i can see how it’s done thanks



timer1.blend (128 KB)

here is the tweaked blend file.
i am not sure that this is the right thing you expected

timer_tweaked.blend (128 KB)

Not even close. Take off the track to then start the blend press space and the cube will appear moving very slowly if you press space sevarl times more cubes come out overlapping each other. What i wanted is for the cube that normally travels very slowly to be added moving fast ONLY for a few seconds then returns to it’s normal routine so there is no overlapping I think a timer would work just not sure how to hook it up