Timer Comic Project

In co-production with the Nina Short, i’ve decided to try a small experimental type of thing.

I’ve always had a slight affinity for superhero’s. while i haven’t really read any comics or so, lately we have been watching a few super hero cartoons and, thus, i decided to do this.

So this comic in particular follows a superhero that goes by the name of Timer.
if you can guess what his powers are, kudos to you.

At the moment, the characters need to be fixed up a bit (arm proportion issues).

But i do have one future character already pretty much done as far as she goes (not our main Character).

Will post further as i continue work (in my downtimes).

Finally done with our main character.

Today, i took the opportunity to play a bit with the stylization of the comic scenes.
I had to do some research on standard comic making methods.
I had to mainly use photoshop for the drawn appearance.

the goal is to give the strip a similar look and feel to Marvel/DC comics without compromising the cartoon appearance of the characters.

Enjoy! Tell me if there are any suggestions. :yes:

I have finished the introductory phase of the Origin story.
I’m Only going to post one A couple of slides for you lot to look over and tell me if there’s anything missing or needed.
Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Wow! Great work. Your style kinda reminds me of Tim Burton’s animated films, particularly 9 and Corpse Bride.

Anyways, thanks!:slight_smile:

I’ll still be working on this project. I just am postponing it for a bit till I can back into the speed of things.

Finally, after much blood and sweat were shed, the first issue (test issue-ish) has come out. the origin comic.


Very nice result.

Thanks. Kind of short but it does the job for now.