timer in logic bricks ,is it possible?

i want to make my character s skill efffects visible only for a period of time and when the character finishes the animation then the skill effects goes off,is it possible to make wioth logic bricks?
need help in order to get it finished!

Try a timer property, then use a property sensor AND controller - action actuator (2.49)


can u use a blend file as an example coz i didnt get it awell,just make a simple example with a cube so i can picture how it would work! didnt find the timer property and didnt understand how it would exactly work!
thx for ur comprehention,

Timer Properties can be chosen in a DropDown-Menu next to any Property you add.

im still confused lol ,sorry if this sounds dumb but u mean frameprop? a blend file would come in handy! plix pl0x do that for me? hehe anxiety HAZ me!

Add a cube;
Add a “Delay” sensor, change “Delay” to “180” (3 seconds);
Add an “And” controller;
Add an “Edit Object” actuator with “End Object” selected;
The cube will disappear after 3 seconds.

OH nicee :D,ill try that out and see if i can adapt to the current settings ,thx dude :smiley:
that made my day ,i really appreciate it!

Hi ManOfSteel,
everything worked as i planned exept for the fact that if my character is moving and the i press the the key to start the skill animation to AddObject it delays a little and then it looks disaligned with the hand,i used a parent to actuator to parent it to an empty attached to the characters hand but even though its not aligned,as soon as i press Key to start the skill animation it adds the object a little earlier than it should!!
here it is a video showing how things look currently:

any help is greatly appreciated!

hi i fixed it,just made it add to a new state so then it triggers the addobject connected to an always sensor and it got fixed somehow!
video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCJLt3uzy14