Timer script problem with state engine

Rubbernuke why doesnt your timer script work with the state actuator?:no:

I’m not sure, I never really use it. Maybe post a blend.

How do you use pasteall.org on the blender forum?

No, just use the upload .blend function in the advanced section of the forum reply box (labelled Go Advanced). Its good to have it on the BA server as if pasteall goes away the thread files are still there for others to look at and learn from / help.

It is to large it wont let me.

Upload the file and post the download page URL.

Alternatively tick the “compress” checkbox when saving the file in Blender and compress the file again with your favorite file archiver and post it here.

You mean like zip.

I did but it still would` nt load.

OK, pasteall away! Also, make sure the blend is as simple as you can make it (i.e. strip out as much stuff as you can as if its complicated its harder to pinpoint a problem ).

The problem corrected itself when i appended it into another blend and remade it.So never mind.