Timing and exporting a scene

Hello all! I am very new to blender and especially new to the physics engine side of things. I am having a bit of trouble.

let me first describe exactly what i am trying to accomplish,
i am making a title sequence with hundreds of pills that i made. i would like to arrange them in groups so that the pills spell out letters and names.

i would like these pills to free fall until they are in front of the camera where i would like them to slow down (so they can be read) and then resume free fall as they smash into the ground plane. then repeat with the next title leaving the old pills still in scene.

First, I cannot seem to figure out how to record my scene with textures and colors to a video file to be used as a film.

second i do not know how to time the pills so that they drop, slow down then resume.

is this too much to ask for as i am just a first time physics user.
also i am on a mac so no fkeys seem to work even though i changed it in sytem settings.

thank you so much for your help or at least for pointing me in the right direction.

You’ll need to record the physics to keyframes. At the top of the blender window in the Game menu enable ‘Record Animation’. Run the simulation and the motion of all objects will be keyframed. You can then render out your animation as any normal animation using the Blender Render or Cycles rendering options. You can re-time the simulation by moving the keyframes in the Graph Editor or NLA editor window

also i am on a mac so no fkeys seem to work even though i changed it in sytem settings.
What are you expecting to use the function keys for ?

in most tutorials they say press"f#" for a menu to display. I get lost because i cannot seem to find the menu in question. thank you for the help.

How do i export that as a HD video then?