Timing of Belt

(DanSellers2) #1

Ok… new question from my Conveyor Belt…I got the general idea of making the piece out of one solid object… problem now is I cant figure out how to make it MOVE along the correct path… what i need is the object to move bit by bit in the shape of a ZERO. a normal rotation spins the whole object in the shape of a circle. Some said I may need to animate the texture… how would I do this? What kind of texture would I need, are the procedurals in Blender good for this, or would I rather use an image… VERY VERY LOST! HELP!

(IamInnocent) #2

Well, I guess that you could have an animated texture but it would mean loading (and probably making first) a video clip that would be your texture. Now if you simply use an empty to place the texture (with the ‘object’ projection instead of the default ‘orco’, placing the name of the empty just to the right of the ‘object’ button) and animate that empty (give it exactly the path you’d like your belt to move along) you should get the result you wish.
If there’s nee for a cyclic animation you’ll have to synchronize the begiinning with the end of the cycle.
Also, if both parts of the belt, the one on top of the roller and the other under are visible, you will probably need to model your belt in two separate objects, one for each part, and animate the texture using one empty for each : more to synchronize but not impossible at all.

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