Timothy's Monsters Inc technique ?

(malefico) #1

A few weeks (?) before “The NaN Disaster” Timothy Kanters posted some tips on how to reproduce the door fx of Monsters Inc within Blender.

I would really appreciate if anybody (including Timothy and Cameron Diaz) would give me a URL to get that info. I’ll send you part of my sexy lingerie collection in return.

BTW, what do you think of “Ice Age” ?



(theeth) #2

I’m not sure I want to see your lingerie collection, but the trick is to use a mask object which will put the world texture in front of the rest. You can do that by using the Env option on a Material.


(Timothy) #3


I’m at school right now,… but I’ll post the .blend file when I get home,… it’s a fairly simple technique.


(malefico) #4

OK. Since Theeth is not interested in my lingerie… it’s all yours !

Thanx guys !


(blengine) #5

cool, id like to see this technique too

(Timothy) #6

trying to find the files :slight_smile:

(Timothy) #7


well here it is:

The .avi (divx)

The .blend (blender :))

It’s basicly really simple,… when you give a object a material with the ENV setting activated, Blender doesn’t render the material instead it renders the background.

What I did in this .blend file is I added a room with a door,… and added another room just around the original one. The 2nd room I gave a material with the env setting. (see for yourself in the .blend file.

Now this isn’t the best way to do it.
The best way is to create 2 seperate scenes, 1 with the room in it, and one with the door and the rest of the scene in it. Now in the dooropening of that door you simply add a plane and give it a material with the ENV setting.
Now you simply use the sequence editor to render the 2 scenes with a ALPHA over (the plane in the door is rendered as the background, thus usable as alpha).

Hope this helps you out,

Timothy Kanters

(malefico) #8

OK, Thanx Tim !

I haven’t tried the blend yet, but looks like in the second method the light from one scene doesn’t affect the other, right ?

I will try it. Thanx again for the tips !