Tin can phone

Hi, I know the tin can phone has been done many times before but I couldn’t help my self. When I was texturing it I wanted a brand that almost everybody recognized so naturally I choose Campbell’s. Then I thought it would be fun to combine this (since the base concept already was a rip-off) with the stile of art of Andy Warhol. Of cores the original looks much better but I think this is at least “interesting”.

Thanks for looking.

I like it, but the label is reflective, as though it’s been painted on metal. Most soup can labels are paper.

Wow, before I saw the post my self you had made a comment. And you are absolutely correct about the label but I grabbed some artistic freedom, I simply thought it looked better. Thanks for your comment.

Very nice. Very pop-art style :smiley:
Did you textured the string (it is hard to tell with the lowres picture) ?

I really like the colorized multiversion.

this looks great. the materials are really nice :slight_smile: good work :slight_smile:

really good work! can’t say much more than that.

Yes! Another cool and funky picture to add to my collection of desktop backgrounds, thanks:)

The label dips back into the can too much, as if it’s painted on the tin itself. Paper labels have those bumps, but not so pronounced. I like the rendering, and the string has a very nicely executed subtle particle system going on there. Nice.

I like you pop-art work.

Thanks for all the nice comments, Im glad you liked it.
I took some artistic freedom with the label because I thought it looked better but you are of cores correct in that the labels usually are made out of paper instead of printed directly on the tin can like I have made it look like.

Thanks again.

I think the label looks great painted on the tin, it looks very 40’s/50’s… To me anyway. >_<