I worked on this for the weekly cg contest. I am not that good at compositing so that is something I will definitely be looking to improve.
Thank you for your feedback.

The Wizard of Oz had better watch out! This tin-man looks like he could be a very BAD D00D! :smiley:

You should dream up a movie for him . . . He’s got serious personality.​ And very imaginative modeling.

Thank you haha! I really glad you like it! :slight_smile: Actually it’s fan art for a short called The Heartless Tinman, which is a telling of how the tinman came to be. It’s really sweet. I watched it several times now. https://youtu.be/BWdUmcwZn-A So I probably am not going to make him into a movie, but would love to make a movie short someday! Like I have a script written and everything (like I put time in the script). But the time… I just don’t have time cause I need to focus on getting hireable. But thank you! That is very nice.

Here by the way is an image from the short to see what the tinman looks like in the short:

looks pretty good for a claymation like feel . If you are trying to match the photo then the then it needs to be brightened up some and need more detail. the arms look like they are fixed and unmovable.

Okay thank you for the feedback. I will work on adding some more details. And probably details will help. Okay for the arms I will separate the arms from the body and I think that will help and post an update soon. Thank you.
I don’t feel I need to make it perfectly match the robot in the picture, but do want to make it as good looking as I can, because I want to improve my portfolio and the overall quality of things I render.

I want it to emotionally communicate a sad feeling from his lack of a real heart. So that is another goal i have with this piece.
Do you think based on looks, that it will look better brightened up, cause I don’t need it to be a duplicate of the other image? I could also try to set him up in a forest.