Tiny Bathroom - Farmhouse

A tiny bathroom with a Farmhouse appeal.

INSTAGRAM: @rd2studio

ENJOY the views!!!

Modeled in Blender.
Rendered in Blender.
Samples @ 1200
Post: Photoshop (only 3 layers at most)



Really sharp. Did you have to use the denoiser? I struggle to get anywhere near this clean/noise free when doing interiors.

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Hi! Thanks. I do use a denoise and in Blender 2.93+ you can activate the denoiser and have it rendered as a separate pass. What you see here is the denoiser on while rendering several passes as well as increasing the samples. I think I’m using 1200 samples in this rendered scene.

I’m also using 1 primary light source, 1 directional light source, and an external light. The more enclosed the space it, the harder it is go get a crisp rendering. So just play with the lighting…maybe adding one more light source. That should do the trick.

Thanks for replying @ecorob that’s some useful info, mostly been experimenting so far with mixed results!

Great work, congrats…

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you so much!!!

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