Tiny house in the heart of a wood

In this picture, my goal was to create a credible lighting contrast between the dark exterior and the interior of the #tinyhouse lit by a simple camping lamp. The large bay window links the inside to the surrounding nature. Historically, houses have been created to protect their inhabitants from the outside, which resulted in small and scarce openings that were closed all the night. But now it’s different. Every one wants to integrate into the surrounding landscape by prioritizing the view. This is also the experience offered by this “container house”.


Redone. I wasn’t very happy with the first one.

I like everything about this … except “the black box.” I see details in the gray-scale shot that are not yet present in the first one. Show us that she’s sitting in a shipping-container. (No, you don’t need to explain it … just show it.) Details like the ridges on the side of the box and the lifting-slots at the top. Literally, "just enough to enable us to make out what it is."

And – for whatever it might be worth – in a situation like this I’m entirely comfortable with: “Ingrid, fake it.” (This of course being Alfred Hitchcock’s famous acting advice given to Ingrid Bergman …) If you want to set up a few lights that “magically” only illuminate the container, and as long as your “trick” doesn’t reveal itself in the final shot, “feel free!”

Thanks a lot… Suggest rather than show?

The magic of the light is the next step to take. But it’s not the easiest. It’s obvious that this skill make the difference. Do you know a good way to improve it ? A tutorial, an online class (even it’s not free) ?