Tiny jet engines may power laptops in 5 years


Only the size of a quarter, these devices can deliver 5 to 10 times the endurance of a regular battery, being developed at MIT, the US army has exhibited interest and is helping to fund the project.

So in 2011 we may see tiny jet engines in your laptops, robots. and mobile phones:D

Only one problem… that’ll be a lot of fuel if everyone has a laptop…

Geez, with the US Army showing an interest, I wonder where they plan to get the fuel from…

I’d like to see people waiting in line at the fuel station with their laptop in their arm waiting for the next fuel truck to come by.

Interesting idea but I’d rather not breathe jet engine gas when I’m working with a laptop. I mean, the heat from the laptop already has supposed bad effects on certain parts of your body if you leave it on your laps all the time (guys you know what I mean) [I have no proof of this, just what i heard from several friends]. But now we get to breathe Co2 from your portable.

Lol. Prepare to be invaded.

wouldn’t they be pretty loud?

Powered by gas… Are you thinking what I’m thinking? :smiley: