Tiny Lights on an object.

How do I make tiny lights for my death star? Like in the image below.
I seen it done using the particle system but I can’t figure out how to do it myself.
Any help is appreciated.

If it is shown how to do this in a tutorial please send me there.

I am new to blender and having a lot of fun learning the program. From the images I’ve seen this seems like a basic thing that can be done. Maybe I’m wrong, perhaps its not a particle system. I don’t know. Please Help!!!

Here are some more examples…

You could do it with a particle system, or you could use an image texture as a mask to mix in emission. Post whatever you have made so far, pack your images, file, external data ‘automatically pack into blend’ and then upload it to pasteall.

Here is a low res render of what I have so far.
I have uploaded my .blend file to pasteall, MyDeathStar.blend

Ok looks very good, now post the link to the blend.

Here’s the link to the pasteall


Blend file where the textures have not been packed in the file using the File / External Data menu (as requested to do so in post #3) so a pink sphere

Here’s the right one, I hope…http://www.pasteall.org/blend/37137

Here’s a 3 minute video showing how to set up a simple hair system on it with lights scattered on a vertex group. The particle systems are possibly more fun, as you can play around with the settings and get all kinds of effects. The other obvious choice would be using a uv image in the nodes to control an emission shader.


Awesome Photox. That is just what I was looking for. I will post when I get finished.

Thanks a lot. I am really learning a lot from this community.