Tiny Perspective (my Ludam Dare 23 jam entry)

So I entered in a competition called ludam dare and the theme was ‘Tiny world’

and if i had more time i would have added more sounds and more things. but ya so here it is i actually finished and submitted it in time! that is a win in its self for me :smiley:

Oh and the entire game besides a planatery gravity script from goran, the entire game was made only with logic brinks.

so ya here is the download and the very brief entry page on the competition website.

so ya let me know what you guys think thanks!

Looks pretty cool, best of luck mrn!

I like this concept! Good job and good luck in the contest!

thanks guys! ya i hope i win but probaly not considering ther is hundreds of entrys but ya it would be cool to see some of u guys on there for the jam!