Tiny Portrait of a Girl

This is just a tiny portrait I drew (from my imagination) in Photoshop with my wacom. C&C welcome. :slight_smile:

and a tiny variation


Very well done! the colors the light&shodows are great,the nose maybe needs some work becouse the angle dont seems right to me,but that is just my opinion
Did you paint the sky background? thats just great!
Please post a larger image


Very nice colouring, but her finger seems to be at an extremely odd and painful angle. Even myself with extra nimble fingers finds it hard to keep my finger in that position for very long without a bit of pain. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another tiny qualm is the nose, which needs a bit of work.

Also, her eyes seem to be set at an improper proportional angle according to the face, and her eyebrows are a tad off center.

Overall, great job on the colouring, and it really sets the mood. I like it. :slight_smile:

The first one’s better. I like getting lost in her eyes. (And by that I mean… I think it works better for the picture.)

Good job. :smiley: