Tiny RPG WIP Blender + Godot

So since the BGE was tanked I took a year to take care of other life related issues and contemplate my next move. Eventually I settled on using Godot…mostly because it’s growth rate shows that it’s still going to be relevant and only become more relevant…ofc being FOSS helps give me that warm fuzzy that I like…

without saying too much more I would like to show what I have(in my spare time) been working on since late dec or early january 2020. Please feel free to leave comments and criticism. I’m always open to criticism.


Gluck @JustinBarrett with GODOT!

It would have been great to have you finished your BGE Game, i don’t give a crap abt Game Engines i simply use the tool that works best for me man, Great to have you back on the Forums as well buddy.


Yes, Myrlea still haunts me…I actually feel really bad about that…but in all honesty once the game engine was officially dropped I got extremely un-motivated… I went from unity to come use the BGE only to have it dropped a year after I picked it up…and after a while I just thought it was better to start something new…so I took another year to re-evaluate where I was going. I did not take this lightly.

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Not sure if it matters whether I post this or not, I left the mic on, but there is next to no explanation of what is happening…since everyone is sick…I didn’t want to record audio…but meh. This video just shows some progress on the spell system…everything is buggy and a little un-polished.


Nice UI :slight_smile: :+1:

Lol, perhaps you should check out my thread more often and drop comments

to me it seems like you are not aware of UPBGE…

Id like you to check out this so that you may have a better insight oat what you can achieve today if you still stick to The Current version of BGE.

ive noticed that you are not aware about this and maybe you should still consider it in order to finish Myrlea


I’m aware of UPBGE. I’m more concerned about longevity and being able to publish games…the legal side of things…chances are I will never “sell” this, but I also cannot redistribute music that I have licensed. I have seen your game though :slight_smile: I think it looks fantastic BTW.

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Great i humbly appreciate your feedback and am Grateful man thank you so much i will be posting more updates…

you can also check out KRUM just to find out some more stuffs.


I think i have the same issues with Upbge about “legal side of things”.
It’s not possible to make a game in Upbge without having Blender license gpl coming in conflict with users copyright content.

It looks like i’ll have to drop Upbge and look elsewhere , despite i like a lot Upbge.
While Upbge is good for making hobby games.

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that is true of any game engine…“hobby games”…it’s the developer, not the engine…generally. If you cannot make a good game in upbge, you cannot make a good game.

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Uploading a new video now. Showing some changes made since last week.

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You misunderstood i think, i like unperfect but playable hobby games.
I was meaning the “legal license” of Blender lgp coming against user content copyright.
Upbge because of Blender lgp license is not suitable for commercial games because it comes against copyright protecting all content made by the user (models, textures, music, code).

Nice video.
(Moon lighting would be better for night to avoid full black where there is no camp fire)

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I agree if your point is to release a commercial title, it’s not impossible…you are allowed to sell it, but you also need to make other things available freely.

as far as the lighting…and any other “fluff” like weather etc…those are the last things I think I will work on, but there is nothing set in stone as far as that goes.

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I would have liked to do an update sooner…I would also like to do a new video, but TBH, I am in heavy edit mode…the way I need to build the world to keep framrates constant on all devices requires me to create everything in very specific ways…so I made the game simple on purpose. Aside from the ui everything is using a single shader(ok, particles and water use different shaders as well…sue me :slight_smile: )…
BUT as far as characters, terrain, all solid meshes in general and foliage…all use one shader…anywhoo…
here are some screen shots. Nothing too exciting, still under heavy construction…just some thing to show what I have been doing the last two weeks…when I have time. I am still working…no lockdown here or anything yet…I wish everyones safety and good health.


you know you could just export it as an UPBGE 0.3.0 Game lol without any hard efforts to be made in doing all the logic and ui…


I am not using UPBGE, please…I am well aware of the benefits, as well as, the limitations of UPBGE. I would also never move a project to another engine once started…I guess “never” is a strong word…aside from that UPBGE is incredibly unstable atm…it’s also way way way slower than godot.

duuuude. presentation has serious og runescape vibe.

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Thank you…I didn’t take that as inspiration but I did like the simple visuals that it had. I really just started this for testing purposes and it just kept coming together really well so I just “rolled with it”. I didn’t make any sort of design document until a month after starting it.

still working on the world…since it is all pretty resource efficient and using a single shader. My plan is to chop the world into 16-25 chunks each with a single LOD…if I need to use lod’s the world seen here is @500K triangles…not sure how the math would work out for vertex count…most models do not have any splits or UV’s, but some do…so …no idea…
…anyway all the trees. rocks, caves, buildings but not anything that you cannot clip/pass through will belong to it’s chunk…not parented…one mesh…this should give me chunks that are manageable and easy to either work with LOD’s or whatever I plan to do…the plus side is there will be very few objects to deal with. OR I may just parent them and iterate through checking the camera distance and make changes accordingly. I’m still thinking about it though…also still working on it…here is a less than fancy screenshot…excuse me if you also visit the Godot forums…this is simply cut and paste from there.


With one mesh per chunck , trees won’t have wind, objects won’t be destroyable, this will make the area very static not dynamic and enjoyable.

As you said, the best is to keep the main terrain chunck separate doing LOD, and load or display items on a terrain chunck only when the player is near; all others chuncks displaying only one or two big structures for player guidance through world.

I think you should be able to load and unlaod sub scenes as needed.
For example unload the minimal empty terrain chunck when the player is approaching, load the high poly version scene with all items and dispaly it.

Some tricks like big moutains or structure hidding some world parts, or some corridor like parts for unloading low poly chuncks andload detailled ones with items would work also.